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Ridge Farm Industries is based at the legendary Ridge Farm Studio in Surrey, UK.  In 1994 technical manager Richard Kirk and engineer Pierre-Olivier Margerand (POM) decided to design and build a valve DI box for in-house use. The prototype was an instant success, and studio clients started asking if they could have one too.

The 'Gas Cooker' - named for the twin knobs more usually seen on domestic appliances - is now an essential piece of gear for any self-respecting engineer, musician or studio.

The 'Boiler' ultra compressor-limiter was soon added to the product list, receiving rave reviews in the pro audio press.

Although Ridge Farm Studio is no longer operating as a fully equipped residential studio, Ridge Farm Industries is still going strong.  You should find out everything you need to know about us in these pages, but if there's anything else just click on the email us link above.